​Donna Rose

Laura McGhee

The Jade Group

​With Jana Reed


Me with Forbes - Dig my Fro'

The Jade Group Trio

David Crichton


James Carroll

Rhona Shekter

​Hard To Tame

​Syd Kessler

​Smooth T

​Key Exchange

​Leah Hawkins

​Don Stevens

​Sonny Lee

​Jenny & Josie

Ty​Norris Vinesp

​Peter Sab

Other Producers I've Worked With

Kevin Jubinville

Marilyn Pytka

Angela Camp

Jack Boswell

Heritage Music - Condor Records

​Stu McTaggart

Christopher Khan

Aaron Camp

Steve Thomson

​Backstage Productions International

​Joe Brett

The Kidd Sisters

​Richard Joudrey

​Annie Reisler

Mark Altman

Morning Music

​Robert E. Lee


​Our Gang

Strickly From Hunger

​Graham Kerr

Art Snider

​Sound Canada

Ralph Poole Barrelworks Band


Some of the voice Over Talent at Papillion Productions

​Klinist Wolf-Q107 Winners

Producing and Publishing as well...

​Sound Canada and Papillion  Productions

Jan Kosiba

Darryl Peterson

​Papillion Productions

​The Jade Group

​With Joanne Hartman

​Grand Slam

On the road for years playing Keys, Sax, Guitar...

Andy Camp

Frank McAnulty

John Forbes and Alex King


​Brian Ferriman

​Savannah Music

​Mary Eustace