Andy Camp
- Musician | Composer | Producer | Publisher | Author

Keeping Busy

Andy Camp comes from a place in old school music; as a career musician and producer he’s seen massive changes to the industry over the last half-century.

When he started, analog tapes were the big technological advance, but Camp has fully embraced the possibilities of digital music and his far-reaching background only serves to make him a supremely saavy artist since he’s been around long enough to develop a deep understanding of the music industry.

His single, “The Living Dread”, may prove to be his breakout number – a creepy yarn about zombies, it demonstrates Camp’s musical skill and whimsy for the supernatural reminding us that people who are having fun often become the most endearing and enuring contribution to art. Independent reporter Lily Clark recently had the opportunity to catch up with Andy to learn more about his life and what we can expect now that his music is beginning to reach a wider audience.

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